Brass Plug Pin & Sockets

brass plug pin and sockets

brass plug pin and sockets

brass plug pin and sockets

We manufacture complete range of Brass Pins and Sockets.
Neutral Pins and Sockets
Earth Pins and Sockets
Phase Pins and Sockets
Specification : IS 1367
BS 3692
Material :

Free cutting brass 319 type BS 249 type.
Any special brass material composition as per customers requirement.

Threads : ISO Metric (MM Threads)
UNC & UNF Threads
Any threads as per custom design..
Length / Size :
As per Custom Designs or requirements
Plating & Finishing :

Natural, Nickel, Tin, Gold, Silver or any coating as per specification.

We also undertake development of neutral pins and sockets, earth pins and sockets, phase pins and sockets according to customized drawings and samples.

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